Your Comments

Speed of Response

Just to say how impressed I am with your speed of response. Faults/failures dealt with promply

- Mr Lee

Such a difference

Thanks for repairing the street light in our road. It makes such a difference!

- Ms Steer

Impressive Speed

Just want to tell you how impressed I am with the speed at which you repaired the broken streetlight I reported. I used the website to report the fault on Monday 19th and the light was repaired on Tuesday 20th - that's a great service - thanks very much! I'm sure people are quick to complain so I wanted to make sure you also get some appreciation for a good job done.

- Ms Haywood

Excellent Service

Four lights repaired in less than 24 hours. EXCELLENT SERVICE

- Mr Stanford

Interactive Map

I just wanted to say what a fab service you have to report problems with street lights, I came on the site to find your telephone number so I could report a faulty light and then noticed I could report it there and then on the interactive street map I'm very impressed keep up the good work from a very happy customer x

- Mrs Norton

Promt to repair

Very good response yesterday (07/09/11) to my report of a damaged street light in North Walls, Chichester, where the lamp cover had blown loose and was hanging above the pavement. Your operative was on the scene very promptly to repair.

- Mr Galloway

Prompt Repair

Thank you for the prompt repair of the street lamp between Burchett Walk and Birdham Close last week

- RW Dewick

Thanks to the team

Just a quick message to say thanks to the team at NEOS for how they handled my concerns about a new lamp due to be placed outside my house. Due to health issues, this made me very worried and stressed, but Charlotte from SSE has been really helpful and reassuring in how she handled the case. So, instead of having to be negative, it's great to be able to say something good and positive about someone and the organisation they work for. Thanks.

- Pete Barden


Great job on fixing the faulty light in Southcourt Road, Worthing. The speed you completed the job was incredible. Thank you. Gareth

- Gareth Knight


I would like to thank those responsible for the intallation of our new street lighting. It isnt finished yet but every team that has been in our area have been working extremetly well - no lazing about - just getting on with the job. Each team have been very tidy and have cleared up behind themselves. Even the men digging in the grassed areas have replaced the grass and not left the place in a mess. At each light, whatever the job, each team has set to work, work quickly and then on to the next light. Pardon the pun but brilliant! Thanks.

- Mrs Freezer