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Cant find the light you are looking for?

The Streetlights, illuminated Signs and Bollards shown on the map are maintained on the West Sussex Contract. If a light you are trying to report isn't there it may be either Parish Council, Privately maintained or even a Developer light. If you need any assistance please phone us on 0800 0482435 or email the information to and we will try to help.

Legend of light icons

Beacon Icon  Beacon Bollard Icon  Bollard
Feeder Pillar Icon  Feeder Pillar Non Illuminated Sign Icon  Non Illuminated Sign
Other Icon  Other School Crossing Light Icon  School Crossing Light
Sign Icon  Sign Street Light Icon  Street Light
Subway Icon  Subway Tunnel Light Icon  Tunnel Light

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Thank you very much for reporting this fault. Your report has been recorded and the item will be scheduled for repair.

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This is an emergency fault. Please call our emergency hotline on 0800 0482435.

Please quote Unit Ref:  for further assistance.

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