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Working with West Sussex County Council we have completed one of the biggest street lighting projects in Europe. During this project we have replaced approximately 55,000 Lighting Columns and 12,000 Illuminated signs, bollards, beacons etc. whilst continuing to maintain a total of 85,000 Units.

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Why are my lights not coming on in the morning when it’s dark?

As daylight hours change throughout the year the part night photocells monitor the times of dusk and dawn each day to determine when the middle of the night is. The use of daylight to determine the switch on and off times is subject to an annual rhythm that can naturally lead to a 15 to 20 minute variation in timings throughout the year. This can become particularly noticeable during the lead up to the change between British Summer Time (BST) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) during the autumn period.

For a short period of time in the autumn, before the clocks change, the lighting will not switch on until about 6.30am. Once the clocks change to GMT the lighting will then revert to switching on at around 5.30am. This is due to the street lights not altering their timings when we change our clocks. The streetlights’ on and off times are controlled by daylight hours, not a time clock. The photo cell timing is industry standard, pre-set, and is not adjustable.

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